It’s a winter wonderland

Nowadays, snowfall is something very rare in The Netherlands. I know from childhood memories that there have been times that it used to be different, that there would be winters so cold that we could ice skate on our town’s lake. But now everything has changed and I know it’s because of climate change. The thought of that saddens me. Climate change is something I do want to talk about, but that will be in another blogpost. This one is going to be about the lovely snowy weather I’ve experienced the past weekend. Let me show you a beautiful, magical winter wonderland.

In The Netherlands when winter arrives, the trees have lost all their leaves and most days the sky is grey coloured with the sun barely showing up. It can make the world look a little dead. I’m not sure if that’s the right word choice because nature is alive all the time but during the wintertime here it doesn’t always feel like that.
And when the snow starts falling down from the sky everything changes. The snow turns the world into a breathtakingly beautiful winter wonderland. And all of a sudden, people go outside. Because when it has snowed, it doesn’t matter anymore how freezing cold it is. The world has been covered with a (thin) white layer and it looks absolutely beautiful. It looks like a whole new world that is worth it to be admired and to be explored.

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