Music favourites: mellow pop

I want to write something, but what? is what I wonder while sitting on my bed. It’s 11 pm. It’s like the later at night it is, the more productive and fuller of inspiration I am.
It actually doesn’t take me long to think of something to write about. It’s going to be about my favourite music playlist. It’s a playlist on Spotify and it has been my favourite playlist for quite a while now. Well, it has actually been my favourite for 2 years now. Now you might have started to wonder what kind of playlist that is, that it has been my favourite for that long. Well, all I can do is showing you my favourite songs that have been in that playlist the past 2 years.

There’s one more thing that I want to say before I’ll show you the songs: I haven’t been writing down my favourite songs from the playlist from the first time I listened to it. I started doing that around a year ago, so most songs will be very recent (not that that matters a lot).
If you like (any of) these songs, just let me know in the comments. I’m very curious. By the way, there will be a few more blogposts with more of my mellow pop favourite songs, because there are much more songs that I love and feel like sharing with you.

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