My creativity book

There’s something I’ve wanted to show you for quite a while. It’s an album full of my creations. I don’t know exactly what to call it. It’s kind of like a scrapbook, but then also not because I don’t put any pictures in it. I just create random ‘collage-ish’ pages by gluing paper things and other random stuff in the notebook. There actually is kind of a name for, a smashbook, but I kind of like the name ‘creativity book’ better than a smashbook, so I’m giving it my own name. Let me show you my creativity book and you might just get inspired.

Well, what do you think of my creations? I hope you like them. And you know what, if you would like to express your creativity (more often), but you haven’t found out yet how to, try this! Making a creativity-/smashbook is very easy and it’s actually also very relaxing to do. All you need is a notebook, some glue and some paper or other stuff you could glue to the pages in your notebook.

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