The funniest thing happened to me today in an H&M store

Hi everyone, it’s been a while and I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in such a long time. I have tried to write a new post for around a week now, but writing that post has just not really been working out for me yet. It’s about a controversial topic and I just can’t find the right words yet to talk about it, to address it and to share my opinion about it. I will still post it though, soon. I would also like to write about more controversial topics. I find it very interesting to bring up and write about such topics. But more of that soon. Today I have a short story for you of something funny that happened to me yesterday.

It all started with walking into an H&M store. I bought a pair of jeans a few weeks ago at H&M. When I was fitting it, I was already doubting a little but I really wanted a pair of jeans that weren’t the regular skinny jeans and these ones seemed to look kind of nice, so I bought them. When I fit them at home again though, I kept rethinking my decision and decided to return the jeans after all. So that’s what I did today.

The thing is only that entering an H&M store just to return something isn’t something I’m very good at. I mean, there are these cute clothes everywhere and well, before I knew it, I was walking through the store checking out all the clothes. Sometime in between checking out all the clothing, I returned the pair of jeans, which you should know were 30 euros. Please keep that in mind, you will get why it’s important later in the story. When I had gone through the whole store, I had only found one pair of jeans to try on. Just when I was walking to the fitting room, I saw this pretty sweater hanging across from it. I took it with me into the fitting room and I tried everything on. I didn’t like the jeans, but I fell even more in love with the sweater. There was one little thing that bothered me about the sweater though. It seemed like it was a little too long for a sweater but also a little too short for a dress or a tunic. So then I tried the sweater on in bigger sizes but it fit weird. Only the stomach part became a lot bigger, instead of the whole sweater becoming bigger. Then I looked at the label inside the shirt and it said ‘H&M Mama’. Yes, you read that right. I accidentally tried on a sweater from H&M’s maternity clothing line, oops. But I loved the sweater so, so much that I couldn’t not buy it. And if I’m wearing the sweater inside a pair of jeans or a skirt, it looks just like any other normal sweater.

So that’s the story I have for you today. I also went to Prague with a few good friends around 1,5 a week ago, so you can expect posts about that on my blog very soon! I have already made a video compilation of my trip there, which you can see down there↓.

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