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As you might know, I write on an online writing platform called Wattpad. This is a free platform where anyone can write books and share them with readers from all over the world. If you love either reading or writing, it’s definitely worth checking out. I myself, write romance books on Wattpad. I’ve been on there for a while now and I’ve seen Wattpad change, in good ways but also in some less good ways. Nowadays it’s a lot harder to get new readers than it used to be a few years ago. And that has everything to do with the current ranking system. 

Now I can not explain to the core how exactly the old and the current ranking system work, but I’m going to try to explain the situation with what I do know.

The old ranking system had a ‘what’s hot’ list for every category. And the stories that were on top of that list actually were the most popular ones. And they were also really good stories. The ‘what’s hot’ lists were an amazing way to explore new good stories to read. But nowadays the ranking lists are based on hashtags. And to many Wattpad writers and readers I know, this ranking system does not work at all. I can’t find many good stories in these lists, based on hashtags. With these new hot lists, how often you update also seems to play a bigger role. That means that as soon that it takes you longer to update, your place on the lists can drop a lot or you can even completely disappear fromt the list for a while. 

There currently are stories in the #romance hot list that are in the top 25 that have less than 30k reads. We’re talking about the list that is supposed to have the best and most popular stories in it. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t really make much sense to me.

When I was writing a story on Wattpad back in 2015/2016, it was so much easier to get new reads, but with the book that I’m writing now it’s so much harder to get new reads. And that really sucks to me because I feel like my writing, chapter length, engagement and update schedule have all improved so much. But I’m just NOT seeing things going better because of it. And that just sucks. And I know I’m far from the only one who feels that way.

Because I heard so many people being frustrated about this, about not being able to find good stories anymore, and liking Wattpad less because of that, I decided to create a community in the form of an Instagram account. The community is called ‘Wattpad Romance United’. And from the name you can probably tell that this one is purely focussed on the Romance category on Wattpad.

On this account, I want to recommend good romance stories. Not just the ones that I know, but also all the other good romance stories other people know. So if you know any good romance stories, send me a DM on Instagram or send an email to 

Anyone can recommend me good stories, but I first read and review them myself before I decide if I also believe if the story is good enough to be shared on the ‘Wattpad Romance United’ profile. 

I want this community to be a place where all Wattpad romance writers and readers can come together and I want to give them a voice to share with each other those stories that are actually good and to give the Wattpad writers a place where they can be recognized for their amazing hard work. 

The community is now only 2 weeks old, but we have already reached more than 300 followers and there have so been many DM’s with recommendations coming in already. It‘s crazy! I had not expected so many followers and so much support in such a short amount of time. So I already would like to say thank for everyone who has showed support to this community so far.

I am still going to write a letter to the Wattpad Support about this, but before I do that I think I’m first going to do a few polls on Instagram because I do not just want to mention my own struggles with the current ranking system. I also want to mention other people’s struggles. I don’t want to forget to mention anything. 

If you’ve read it all the way to here, thank you! You can find this community on Instagram (@wattpadromanceunited) either by clicking here or on the post down below.

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Hi everyone! Welcome to ‘Wattpad Romance United’. This is an independent community (meaning that it wasn’t created by Wattpad) where we have as goal to unite as Wattpad Romance writers and feature good writers that deserve more praise and reach. ——————————————————————— Are you tired of Wattpad ranking and recommending cliché and bad stories? Do you miss the days when it was much easier to get new readers? Or are you working your butt off as a writer, but not feeling seen or experiencing much growth, then you have come to the right place! ——————————————————————— This platform was created because good Wattpad writers aren’t that easily found nowadays with Wattpad’s current algorithm and ranking system. And for the good Wattpad writers themselves it’s hard to reach new people. So, let’s help each other! Let’s unite! ——————————————————————— Do you know or are you a writer that deserves to be featured? DM or email us! #wattpad #writer #writers #unite #love #bonding #people #romance #community #new #wattpadwriter #wattpadstories #wattpadwriters #reader #readers #book #books #orange #black #white #

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Thank you so much for reading this post! I’m so sorry that I didn’t post something on my blog last Sunday, but next Sunday a new post will be up again. I’m sending you all a lot of love.

Love, Margriet

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