A few short reviews of movies I’ve seen recently


During the summer months, I have seen quite a few movies. At least, for me it’s much. I usually don’t watch movies that much, but lately I’ve seen more and more movies I found interesting passing by. And when I find a movie I’d like to watch, I want to watch it as soon as possible. I want to just do it. So that’s what I did. Today I want to tell you about these movies that I’ve watched recently and let you know my thoughts on it.

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The Netherlands beyond Amsterdam: Utrecht Botanic Gardens

There is a new series I want to start on this blog and it’s going to be called ‘The Netherlands beyond Amsterdam’. ‘But why?’, is what you might be wondering right now. Well, the reason I’m starting this series is that usually when people think of The Netherlands, all they can think of is Amsterdam and well… what Amsterdam is known for; not just the many canals and the beautiful gable houses, but also the coffee shops and the Red Light District. And I just don’t find that a good representation of my country, The Netherlands. There’s so much more to this country than just Amsterdam and its edgy lifestyle and that’s what I want to show you. Every once in a while I will share a place with you located somewhere in The Netherlands, that isn’t Amsterdam and that I feel like is really worth visiting. The first place I want to tell you about is a beautiful botanical garden in the Dutch city Utrecht, located in the center of the Netherlands.

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I’m back and I’m sorry

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while but I’m back. It has been almost half a year since the last time I wrote a blogpost on here. That’s not because I stopped with blogging for good, but I did take a break for a while. I took a long break without mentioning it. It’s just that I don’t feel like I have many people who read my blog, so maybe that’s why I didn’t mention anything. I didn’t feel like many people would care much about me not blogging for a while. But now I feel like I should have mentioned it. So, I’m sorry for not mentioning my blogging break. The reason for my break was mostly school but during the weeks I wasn’t busy with school, I didn’t know what to write about. I was a little out of the blogging and after a while I didn’t know where to start anymore. So that’s why I waited till I finished my school year before I was going to start blogging again. I actually already finished my past school year around a month ago, but I was busy with preparing for my vacation and going on vacation. I actually also did two weeks of volunteer work in an orphanage in Bulgaria, just like I did last summer. I had an amazing time there! But now I’m back to blogging and more ready than ever before.

From now on I’m going try my hardest to post once or twice a week. I want to keep an update schedule, so I will either post on Wednesday, Sunday or on both days. I am so excited to share new content with you and I hope you are too. I’ll speak to you soon again in my next blogpost.

Love, Margriet

The funniest thing happened to me today in an H&M store

Hi everyone, it’s been a while and I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in such a long time. I have tried to write a new post for around a week now, but writing that post has just not really been working out for me yet. It’s about a controversial topic and I just can’t find the right words yet to talk about it, to address it and to share my opinion about it. I will still post it though, soon. I would also like to write about more controversial topics. I find it very interesting to bring up and write about such topics. But more of that soon. Today I have a short story for you of something funny that happened to me yesterday.

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