The beautiful buildings of Lisbon

I think I left a piece of my heart in Lisbon when I visited the city one and half a year ago. If you know a little about Lisbon, you know how beautiful the buildings are there. Actually, beautiful isn’t the right word, more like extraordinary. Pastel colored, with street art painted on them, with tiles covering the walls, in Lisbon you can find all these things. I decided to put together a photo series to show you this.

Isn’t Lisbon such a beautiful city? I feel like the city truly is a pearl with the art and architecture merging. This week I didn’t have many words for you, but for this post, it wasn’t needed. Not too long ago, I saw a quote somewhere. I can’t really remember anymore what exactly it said, but it was something along the lines of  “sometimes a picture can say more than words ever could.” It’s not up to me to tell you the stories of these pictures. Just look at them one more time and let them speak to you.

Love, Margriet

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