Unshared summer adventures of 2018

Because I’ve been gone almost all of the summer, I haven’t really told you much about everything I’ve done. So just like I did last year, I’m going to tell you about my adventures from this summer. Times goes by so fast, I can’t believe summer is already almost over.

There is this theme park in the Netherlands which is called ‘The Efteling’. The theme park is all about fairytales and is anything but boring. There are so many fun rides and every ride has its own fairytale story and it’s own soundtracks. It truly is a magical place. Here we like to call The Efteling, the Disneyland of the Benelux. I have gone there almost every summer with my aunts and cousins ever since I was born. It was early July when we went there for a day. The weather was amazing and even though the summer vacation had already begun, it wasn’t even that busy. I wanted to document it, but I’m not so much into editing videos and I wanted more than just pictures. Now recently I found out about this function in my favorite photo editing app VSCO. This function, that’s called DSCO, allows you to make short videos of a few seconds. And I just put all those videos together and turned into one video. I also put a soundtrack of one of the Efteling’s rides as background music to give it the perfect atmosphere. I’m very happy with the result. And I like having videos like this one to be able to look back on an adventure. 

This summer a nephew of me got married. He asked me if I wanted to take pictures of the wedding at the party at night. I was totally fine with doing that, so I did. I’m not going to share pictures of them because it’s private and personal, but I do have some pictures of the sunset at the party, which I can share. 

This year I also went back to the orphanage in Bulgaria, that I visited last year. We were able to give the kids two amazing weeks with a lot of fun activities and, even more importantly, a lot of love. When we had to leave the orphanage again I actually bursted out in tears, which was weird to me because I normally never get so emotional in public.

When I got back from Bulgaria I also went with my family to the seaside in Belgium for a few days. On my last day I would go to Bruges and at the end of the day, I would go back by train by myself. The reason I had to go back earlier by myself was that I had to start working again. The few days at the seaside were fantastic. The weather was pretty good and I got to see the most beautiful sunset on the beach. The day spent in Bruges didn’t really go as expected though. The forecast said it was going to rain all day, so that sucked. But I still went there with high hopes. My family had also decided to go to Bruges that day because they were going to have to drive me there anyway. But because I was really keen on exploring the city by myself, we split up once we arrived there. The morning seemed a little cloudy, but it wasn’t raining yet. That all changed around 12-ish. That’s when the rain started. Around that time the network on my phone also wouldn’t work. So the situation was disastrous. After finding a wifi spot, I got in touch with my parents I met with them in the city center again. It only started raining harder and harder. So after having brought some visits to a few shops, we decided to leave Bruges early. My parents dropped me off at the train station and I went home early. The train ride was a fun adventure. A train station I loved was Antwerp Central. It was so big and beautiful!

Well I suppose that’s a short summary of my summer. I hope you also enjoyed your summer. Let me know in the comments down below. 

Love, Margriet

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